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Medium voltage

In those situations that the infrastructure of an installation starts at medium voltage level, usually the structure is set up with a medium voltage section and a low voltage section. This so-called free domain, also known as secondary energy distribution, is often designed as an open ring structure for the so called medium voltage or transportation voltage. Then on several strategic points in the installation (depending on the positions of the load) with an energy transformer the voltage is transformed back to a user operating voltage (low voltage). 

In cooperation with well-known brands EDS-systems offers you the best solution for air and gas insulated medium voltage switchgear and ring main units (RMU's) for secondary energy distribution networks up to 24kV (in accordance to IEC62271-200 standards). Our scope of supply also includes Oil-filled and dry-type distribution transformers various protection devices . We also can take care of the installation, connection and commissioning of these products.

  • Distribution transformers (+/-button, nav on the right)

    The distribution transformer is an essential link between middle and low voltage (or transportation voltage and user operating voltage). EDS-systems supplies both oil-filled and dry-type distribution transformers up to 36kV 3150kVA in accordance to the applicable IEC standards. There are new guidelines by July 2015 regarding the EU when it comes to the allowable losses for three phase energy transformers ≤ 3150kVA. All Transformers provided by EDS-systems meet the eco-design directive 2009/125/EG.

    Read more; New standards for Transformer losses
  • Transformer station

    For outdoor line-ups EDS-systems can provide fully equipped accessible and compact transformer substations. Our options include concrete enclosures, metal enclosures, fitted containers, all fully equipped with MV switchgear, transformers and low voltage compartments.

  • Cabling

    In addition to the MV switchgear and transformers EDS-systems can also take care of the delivery and connection of medium voltage cables needed for the installation.
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