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Low voltage

At EDS-systems we see the design of the low voltage main & sub distribution panels as a basis for the entire installation.

EDS-systems supplies different kinds and types of switchgears; sheet steel, plastics, rail systems to 6300A, construction form 1a to 4b, fixed, plug-in and (semi-) withdrawable. Due to specialized calculation-tools and engineering software, we are able to work out your request for quotation quickly and professionally to a detailed offer, complete with layout drawings. We work closely with several manufacturers, like ABB, Eaton, Rittal, Siemens, etc.

The switchgears are designed by us with the utmost care and then compiled on the basis of the criteria at one of our production sites. All manufacturing sites are certified and build according to the NEN-EN-IEC 61439-1.

If necessary the delivered switchgear can be mechanically and electrically connected, installed and commissioned on site.

Various designs:

  • Main & sub distribution

    We deliver main & sub distribution panels in various embodiments and fit smart techniques, with different cable entries as swivel plates, membrane covers or pluggable connections.

    In addition to the standard miniature circuit breaker technique with conventional connection methods we can also offer the adaptive mccb Smissline. This is a smart solution for the design of the switchgear in both horizontal and vertical construction. Moreover, by applying domotica solutions based on KNX, we can make your installation even smarter.
  • Plastic enclosures

    When plastic enclosures are required we can offer several solutions, the well-known Halyester but also several alternatives. For a modular system we often use the Mistral series of ABB. We can build up to 1000 A in plastic enclosures with an IP rating up to IP65.

  • Medical Transformer Cabinets

    For installations in healthcare institutions and hospitals, according to the NEN1010-7 medical protection transformers should be used. These transformers are usually accommodated in specially designed switchboards, these switchboards are called Medical Transformer Cabinets(MTC's). For these cabinets, we work closely with well known transformer producers.
  • PDU's

    For data centres we offer PDU's or PDR's for power supply to data racks . These specially designed distribution panels are developed in collaboration with Rittal and ABB for integration into the data room. 

    By applying adaptive circuit breaker techniques engineered in a horizontal or vertical cabinet design ,we can offer an extremely compact and very flexible DPR (Power Distribution Rack). 

    The PDR can optionally be designed with circuit monitor system CMS.

    Read more; Rittal DPR
  • SBP's

    For by-passing UPS machines for maintenance reasons we have several standard Service Bypass Panels in our product range. From 1 x 10 kVA single up to 3 x 160kVA parallel switched UPS machines. With control handles, padlockable with door interlock and defeatable in both On- and Off position.


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