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Busbar trunking

For the distribution of your electrical energy you can of course use switchgear and cables in cable management systems, but you can also use busbar trunking systems. 

Busbar trunking systems are used for (mostly high) power distribution of electrical power from A to B, or to set up a distribution network with tap-off points on a factory floor or in vertical shafts. 

In short, it is an alternative to traditional cabling and sub distribution panels. Of course a mix of all these systems is also possible. 

EDS-systems can design a complete plan for your application according to your RFQ and requirements with main & sub distribution panels, transformer/Board connections, Board/Board connections, generator/Board connections and outgoing busbar systems, whether or not provided with tap-off boxes. 

We can provide busbar systems of aluminium, copper, cast resin, high function maintenance up to IP68 with a capacity up to 6000A. Delivering the busbar trunking is fully provided by EDS-systems, including mounting and commissioning. 

Busbar trunking is utilised within buildings to deliver power to sub distribution units. It is an alternative to traditional cabling and provides the following advantages to the installer and client.

• Space saving

• Cost savings

• Reduced installation time

• Flexibility to reposition load centres (via tap-offs)

• Electricity savings-Reduced Losses, reduced voltage drop

• Aesthetically pleasing

• Ability to install in tight spaces

This means that busbar products will provide the optimum solution to your distribution requirements.

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