• CML switchgear

  • Medium voltage

  • Busbar trunking

  • No-break

  • Emergency generator

CML switchgear

The CML switchgear is a Combined Medium and Low voltage switchgear, an enclosure with separate accessible sections for; 

  • MV Switchgear (RMU - Ring Main Unit)
  • Transformer
  • LV Switchgear

A CML switchgear is build to customer specifications with the system TriLine-R of ABB. The RMU and transformer sections are only accessible for authorised personnel and with separate keys.


An EDS-systems CML switchgear is a Combined Medium and Low voltage switchgear with integrated transformer and medium voltage switchgear in which the "transportation voltage" is transformed only as late as possible to the "operating voltage". This has the advantage that the civil construction costs are reduced to a minimum, there is a smaller foot print for the line-up space, the cabling costs are reduced greatly as LV-cables are many times more expensive than MV-cabels, the energy losses are limited and they can be delivered faster and easier.


The EDS-systems CML switchgear is built in a fully certified production facility. This means that the LV-switchgear and the sections to the transformer and the RMU, are assembled in according to NEN-EN-IEC 614391/2: 2009 guidelines.



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