• CML switchgear

  • Medium voltage

  • Busbar trunking

  • No-break

  • Emergency generator


Welcome to the website of EDS-systems.nl 

We are a young and exciting company with people who have earned their spurs in putting together energy distribution systems. We have a varied portfolio of successful projects for many high profile clients. Our work area lies mainly in the non-residential market and industry & Infra, where continuity of electric power is of undeniable importance for your work processes. Our work incorporates the complete electrical picture from incoming grid connection, downstream  in to the electrical installation, all that matters in power distribution and back-up power,  therein lies our strength. 

We focus on the market segments Commercial Building and Non-residential Market and Industry & Infra and can assist you with the design of the entire energy distribution and any emergency power supply.

Advising, service, support and high quality are our top priority, our speciality is complete solutions at a fair price.


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